The Spirits of Ohio

A legislative voice and resource guide for Ohio's craft distillers and industry professionals and an information outlet for enthusiasts.



The Ohio Distiller's Guild was incorporated in 2012 by Ryan Lang of Middle West Spirits, Greg Lehman of Watershed Distillery, and Tom Herbruck of Tom's Foolery Distillery with the hopes that the Guild would provide a legislative voice for Ohio's Craft Distillers as well as a forum where industry professionals could locate business resources and information. The primary functions of the guild  are for advocacy of our members and to effect improvements for our industry through legislature  which we hope, in return, will create a reputable, quality driven and successful distilling industry in Ohio. 

Our Mission

We approach the support of the Ohio Distilling Community with the following pillars that will drive growth and development of the micro-distillery movement in Ohio. 

1. Consumer education and product access
2. Support and resources to member A3A’s
3. Legislation that establishes Ohio as a leader in the micro-distillery movement
4. A healthy relationship between the Guild and the Ohio Department of Liquor Control


President: Greg Lehman, Watershed Distillery
Vice President: Ben Vause, Noble Cut Distillery
Treasurer: David Lafkas, Brain Brew Whiskey
Secretary: Josh Daily, Middle West Spirits
President Emeritus: Ryan Lang, Middle West Spirits