Why Join the Ohio Distiller's Guild?

Ryan Lang of Middle West Spirits (OYO), Greg Lehman of Watershed Distillery and Tom & Leanne Herbruck of Tom's Foolery Distillery established the Ohio Distiller’s Guild in 2012. Due to the hard work of a handful of Ohio distilleries, the Guild built bridges with the media and government officials to promote Ohio products, reduce regulations and pass pro-business laws. As the guild evolves, we are looking for new members to join our trade association and eventually take on leadership roles. We believe there’s strength in numbers and welcome diverse opinions within our association.


Chances are, while you’re running your distillery you don’t have the time or resources to advocate for business friendly state regulations. Since the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and the Anti-Saloon League started in Ohio, our state has had some of the most restrictive liquor laws in the US. Joining our trade association gives your company a larger platform to make sure Ohio Lawmakers are aware and are working to improve craft distillery regulations and remove laws that are hurting your business. Advocating for better distillery laws will not only help your company compete with the local competition, it will help you foster growth and innovation in your business. The end result is that your company will have a level playing field to compete with craft distilleries throughout the US and the world.


The Ohio Distiller’s Guild offers valuable industry networking opportunities. Each year our trade association coordinates a series of events with government regulators such as the Ohio Department of Commerce, the Division of Liquor Control and JobsOhio. These events give you the opportunity to attend group and individual meetings to address your regulatory concerns. Furthermore, we arrange networking events with industry leaders to share their experiences and best practices. This is all in an effort to learn from their mistakes and successes and become an industry leader yourself, thereby building your reputation and your business.


The Ohio Distiller’s Guild offers one place to get updates on regulations, legislation, politics, upcoming events, distillery media, professional development materials and the latest industry research. The Guild sorts through all the statehouse legislative activity, liquor control regulations, news articles, trade publications and brings you the most relevant information to help you make educated business decisions. This allows you to stay up to date on important industry news, while simultaneously allowing you to focus your time and energy on your business.

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Full Members ($500.00 annually)
This category is reserved for the independent distilleries already manufacturing spirits under a DSP in Ohio.

Associate Members ($250.00 annually)
This category is reserved for those who have applied for their DSP's, but are awaiting approval and setting up their businesses.

Allied Members ($500.00 annually)
The wonderful people in our communities along with our suppliers who love what we do, love how we do it, and love our products. Help us continue to grow!


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